Dating your sister in laws brother

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  2. Would it be weird to date my brother in law's sister?
  3. Can I make love and marry my sister's husband's brother? - The Student Room
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  5. Dating Your Sister's Boyfriend's Brother

Another Follow 30 followers 21 badges Send a private message to Another. Follow 2 No, it's not wrong, but just take it slow okay? When you get talking, you might not even like him.

Is Her Date Basically Her Brother? Are They Related?! - First Dates

If they're not related to you, they can't make decisions for your future. Follow 3 Original post by Another 2 The hell is an elder? Follow 4 There's nothing wrong with it at all. But wait till you meet the guy! Follow 5 Original post by donutaud15 Erm sometimes this Elder do make the decision regarding marriage because of cultural or religious reasons.

Posted from TSR Mobile. Follow 6 And how old are you? I find it weird you call him 'boy'. Anyway I can't believe a word of this story. You lost me at "we both haven't met in person yet". Follow 7 Original post by joker The point is that they shouldn't though! Follow 8 Yes marry him quickly before he is able to get a restraining order.


Follow 9 A Follow 15 followers 20 badges Send a private message to A Follow 10 You've never even met him, how can you want to marry him.. And no, its not wrong. You're Asian aren't you? Original post by A You've never even met him, how can you want to marry him..

Would it be weird to date my brother in law's sister?

Original post by yennibubs And how old are you? Original post by De Chirico Yes marry him quickly before he is able to get a restraining order. Original post by joker There's nothing wrong with it at all. Follow 16 You don't even know if he likes you. Exact same boat here as far as my sis dating my BIL.

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The only thing I don't like is that whenever I'm frustrated w my hubby i feel like I can't say anything to my sis for fear she will mention it to my BIL! Besides she is not related to his bro in any way and as an adult is free to date who she pleases.

Can I make love and marry my sister's husband's brother? - The Student Room

If they have been hanging out for 6 weeks, they may know each other pretty well. Your reaction makes me wonder about you having some jealousy or rivalry with your sis?! I don't see it as weird I have seen and heard plenty of stories like that, like twins marrying brothers. I think your taking it way to personal if she is happy let her be!! Things will work out how they are suppose to. I have 2 aunts that married brothers and while at first it may have been kind of strange now no one thinks any differently of it.

But I understand where your feelings are coming from. However I would just keep it to myself. If you say anything you may bring them closer if they feel people are against them. Or if they get married it could cause tension between the families. Archived Discussion This discussion is archived and locked for posting See active discussions on December Babies.

So my sister met my brother in-law for the first time about 1.

And the first night they met they hung out all night flirting. I though it would be just a little fling, he has three kids with his ex and she is young and spontaneous always wanting to do these crazy things travel and move around. When I first caught them flirting I was offended. They have been hanging out every day.

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She has been staying at his house most of the time, with his kids I am honestly not okay with it and don't know how to tell my sister. I wish I could be happy because they are happy but it's just weird.

They don't really even know each other and it's kind of gross. A week or so ago she called me wanting my doctors number so she can get birth control she just moved here then today she calls and needs to talk to me about something in person I'm hoping she's not going to tell me she's pregnant I don't see marriage the way you do though. You marry into a family, your whole family doesn't marry into their whole family. At least not in my world.

I have double cousins in my family and DH's family. Brother and sister married brother and sister with my in-laws, and the same on my side.

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When my aunt married her now husband both had adult children. Her daughter and his son met at the wedding, clicked, and got married. They had a son together who can technically claim he has an uncle-dad and an aunt-mom. The marriage did not last, unfortunately so only the child has the complicated relation now.

Random thought but this reminds me of the girl on the first teen mom that gave her baby up for adoption Her and her BF had a baby and his dad married her mom That's weird Step sis and bro engaged with a kid. I do find it weird but the gross statement comes into play when there are children involved. That's some Jerry Springer mess when you are my cousin and brother. All can be prevented if the two parents don't hook up.

My cousin and Husbands cousin have been dating for 10 months now I have no problem with it. They aren't realted in any way. My bf's family has kind of the same situation. His mom has an identical twin sister. They both married brothers. I don't think it's weird but my friend has a baby with her step dads brother and her dad had such a huge issue with it so he disowned her.

Dating Your Sister's Boyfriend's Brother

I don't know about the child issue, but I have heard of twin's from one family getting married to twins from another family and other situations like that. As long as there is no blood relation between dating couples, I wouldn't consider it wrong.

Although I'm a fan of courtship so that is another matter. I have two couples in my extended family that are related through us. It was frown upon by older generation, but worked out fine.