How to tell your best friend youre dating her crush

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  1. Tell Her ASAP
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  4. How to tell my friend I'm dating her crush?
  5. How to tell my friend I'm dating her crush? | Yahoo Answers

Tell Her ASAP

Make it clear, make it short, make it fast. But if not, everything is going to stay the way it is now. I just wanted you to know how I feel about you. So let some time pass. You did all you could do.

The less you pressure her, the more likely she will feel attracted to you. You have to try to move on and meet other women.

Getting distance and living your life without her is the only chance you have if you still want to be with this girl. Seeing her with other guys will hurt you deeply and might cause severe emotional damage. Do everything you can to make it happen, but know when to stop. Love Life Solved enables good guys to become successful with the women they like — without acting like someone they are not.

How to tell her If you are in love with your best friend you have to tell her — with words!


The only way to make the pain stop is by telling her about your feelings. Here are some action steps you can take: Act just like before.

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We all go to the same school; We all have the same classes; I'm scared she gonna try and interfier with our love life so he will breakup with me. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Just be like u would be made if I was dating your crush and if so be like well.. You're just going to have to be blunt and tell her the truth, to her face.

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If she gets completely crazy about it and tries to ruin your relationship, then she's not much of a friend to begin with. Better to just get it out rather than hide it. My friend dated one of my crushes in intermediate school. I know how u and ur crush feel.


Just be like u know b is going out with someone. She'll be like who and u should say me. She'll get over it.

How to tell my friend I'm dating her crush?

I've been in both positions. Well if she isn't even much of a friend say "I am dating the guy you are in love with".

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That is not good. Tell her the truth.

How to tell my friend I'm dating her crush? | Yahoo Answers

It will be difficult. Just say hey you know. Im secretly dating my friends crush? How do I tell my friend, who has a crush on me, that I am dating someone? How do you tell your friend that your dating your crush?